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Nice Girls Don't Get the Area Agency 101 - A Book Summary

Dr. Frankel obviously identifies the communal mistakes -101 in all-that women commit instinctively to sabotage their careers.

Execution - A Book Summary

You've got the brainy ideas and the smart people, and the market is just ready for you. But why hasn't your commerce taken off as you predicted? Maybe the catch is in your execution.

Turbo Plan - A Book Summary

Businesses are run commonly on auto-pilot and any catch areas are only dealt with when they are by now critical, but by then it may by now be too late. Most big business managers are too busy with the day-to-day work to sit back and look at the commerce decisively in terms of its environment and the administration it is going.

Primal Leadership - A Book Summary

Primal leadership takes base stage in this book. This hypothesis goes afar the set of predictable competencies on the construction of a leader.

Ideas Are Free - A Book Summary

Without great ideas, no association can stay afloat, much less flourish. Managers and top executives are constantly struggling to come up with big ones - creative marketing strategies, ingenious cost-cutting schemes and other corporate solutions that will save time and money and better productivity.

The Oz Belief - A Book Summary

In The Oz Principle, Connors, Smith, and Hickman brilliantly use the analogy of "The Wizard of Oz" to converse a commerce idea aimed in propelling persons and organizations to overcome critical state of affairs and attain much loved results. This thinking can be encompassed in one word: ACCOUNTABILITY.

Profitable Cyst Is Everyones Affair - A Book Summary

The days of coldblooded downsizing and desperate cost biting are long gone. Nowadays, companies have realized that the best way to earn profit is only by means of advance - profitable growth.

Gilleland Poetry - Storoems and Poems - Review

"Retired professor of Microbiology, Harry Gilleland definitely has a array of experiences and thought-provoking insights to share in his hottest poetry book, Gilleland Poetry - Storoems and Poems. Harry's poetry has appeared at numerous establishments over the years and he has authored three books to date.

The Wal-Mart Decade - AchieveMax Top Ten Book Review

The Wal-Mart Decade: How a New Age bracket of Leaders Crooked Sam Walton's Bequest into the World's #1 Circle was destined for publication. It was easily a affair of when it would be on paper and by whom.

Kmarts Ten Deadly Sins - AchieveMax Top Ten Book Review

Kmart's Ten Deadly Sins: How Incompetence Dirtied an American Icon was petitioning to be written. It maybe would have surfaced much before if not for the fear of many authors that publishing too soon would consequence in the omission of who knows how many expectations maze-like tactics by the ceaselessly transforming retail giant, K-mart.

The Leadership Pill - AchieveMax Top Ten Book Review

The Leadership Pill is a new capacity for those of you anxious to add to your collection of "mini-books." Ken Blanchard, a genuine self-help book-writing machine, partners with co-author Marc Muchnick to coin this 112-page fable that every boss will want to read and share with those he/she mentors.

Hard Candy, Insignificant person Ever Flies over the Cuckoo's Nest; Book Review

HARD CANDY: Nonentity Ever Flies over the Cuckoo's Nest; In print by Charles A. Carroll is a must read.

Job Interview Answers

Last week I found an appealing book called Basic Guide To Job Interview Answers. Having in my opinion hired many ancestors I was intrigued what the book had to offer.

Going Deeper - Book Review

Going Deeper by Jean-Claude Koven is emphatically a nicely presented, hard-cover book. This fiction fantasy has an obvious inclination to aid readers who are embarking on their delicate spiritual quest.

Bob the Dragon Killer - Book Review

This very fun, exciting, fast-paced, warm fable - Bob the Dragon Cause of death by Harry E. Gilleland Jr.

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