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Book Review: Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands {How To Do Big business In Sixty Countries}

Kiss, Bow, Or Shake Hands: How To Do Big business In Sixty Countries By Terri Morrison, Wayne A. Conaway, George A.

Pariah - Book Review

"Pariah, in print by multi-talented artiste and biographer Timothy Goodwin, is a art fiction, fantasy novel that incorporates some very clear ideas to what is wrong with today's world. The font are exaggeratedly portrayed and the battles were very well written.

Screenwriter and Writer Marguerite Ashton Receives Rave Reviews for Mafia Novel

When asked what gave her the idea for the story, she replied, "I am a big movie extreme of all genres, but if you were to ask my favorites, it would be mafia and horror. With Taylini, I absolute to add a twist that is not integrated in your usual "mafia stories.

Book Review: What Color Is Your Parachute?

What Color is Your Parachute? Reviewed by: Matt Keegan © 2003, Matthew C. Keegan, LLCFinding a job today presents distinctive challenges that did not exist five years ago.

Ferns Dragon - Book Review

"Fern's Dragon is a wonderfully fun read that stimulates the imagination of both young associates and the young-at-heart alike. It is a good mystery-fantasy story that is deceitfully composed.

Book Release: Ginas Poems - Adventures in Love

Book Release: Gina's Poems -- Adventures in Love Written & illustrated by Siegfried J. Heger ISBN 0-9763503-0-0 Absolute Bound, 72 pages, (8.

Looking for Harvey Weinstein Book Review

Brassy, ballsy and full of energy.A totem of two women's struggle to do a little useful in life, it emphatically knows how to serve up endless comic observations.

Atlanta Preacher Releases Book Of Life

Local Atlanta Member of the clergy known for his aid work such as feeding the homeless, at risk youth and charitable toys to brood at Christmas time is releasing his first book at liberty "Diary OF A Horrified Spirit". Minister Adams says that this book will adopt some of the struggles and stresses that sign our association today.

Spiders Big Catch

When I was in college, Spider McGee, Charlie Fox, and I loved to fish off the log boom in the river near my house on summer afternoons. We'd sit and talk about life, drink hot chocolate, and intermittently catch a fish or two.

Putting it on Paper - Book Review

"Dawn Josephson, biographer of 14 books, has on paper a fantastic biographer source with her most up-to-date book Putting it on Paper - The bring down rules for creating promotional pieces that sell books. This book discusses the change and use of stuffing surrounded by a media kit, and other marketing materials.

Second Eden Book Review

"Carlton Austin has crafted a brilliant piece of work in Second Eden - an action-packed anticipation crime story with a little romance and some essentials of discipline fiction. Its beautifully considered cover incorporates gorgeous imagery depicting scenes inside the plot and the book is existing in both hard and soft cover.

Unspoken Dreams - Book Review

"Carol Bennett writes a stunning mystery-thriller. Her distressing entrance is one I have encountered only not often in a book.

Star - Book Review

Tom Peters crafted a moving, instructive brute adventure story in his novel Star. This is a dog-lover's fiction - printed for a young adult audience.

Pausing To Catch My Breath - Book Review

"Debra Lair has appropriately patrician her book of poetry 'Pausing to Catch My Breath'. The pages give a picture of this care for and grandmother as a big cheese who I would face-to-face love to sit crosswise from at a kitchen table with a huge pot of tea and talk for hours.

Book Assess - As the Darkness Deepens by Michael Cale

Newton's Third Law of Motions states that "For ever action, there is an equal and contrary reaction." Michael Cale's most recent novel, As the Darkness Deepens, is an appealing study in this common law as it relates to the military of good and evil.

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