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Beyond Bodybuilding: Stranger in a Astonishing Land -- A Book Review

When America's primary literary critic, Harold Bloom, professor emeritus at Yale was asked to characterize literary greatness, he did so as follows,"I have tried to confront eminence directly: to ask what makes the creator and the works canonical. The answer, more often than not, crooked out to be strangeness, a mode of innovation that any cannot be assimilated, or that so assimilates us that we cease to see it as strange.

The Red Hourglass: Lives of the Predators, by Gordon Grice

The black widow spider is notorious for ingestion her mate as they copulate, but how many of us know much more than that about this beautiful, mysterious, spider?Grice collects black widows and keeps them in jars and studies them, and he tells us more than we care to know at times. But it is not just black widows that advantage Grice, it is rattlesnakes, praying mantis, tarantula, pigs, dogs, and the ascetic spider.

Book Review: Money Devoid of Matrimony

MONEY Exclusive of MATRIMONY: The Single Couples Guide to Pecuniary Security, Sheryl Garrett and Debra Neiman, Dearborn Trade Publishing. Paperback $21.

For Fans of Seinfeld-like Coincidences

Isn't That Bigamy (c) 2005, ISBN 1411634241, Mike Vogel, Lulu PressYou have just busted up with your girlfriend who trees you in a busy restaurant with no way home, a tough waitress dumps a drink in your lap for no reason, and now you have to walk home with a wet crotch. If that is not enough, while on foot crosswise a bridge, you witness a mob hit quite by accident.

Washington Historian Remembers Harriet Lane, the Best First Lady

Washington Historian Remembers Harriet Lane, the Furthermost First LadyWASHINGTON DC: She was the first White House Hostess to be called "First Lady." An adequate amount of said.

Why Malta? A Mystery-Thriller Biographer Tells Why

"Why Malta?" my new Maltese acquaintances kept asking me when they find out that my mystery-thriller The Cellini Magnum opus is set on Malta. Mind you, only the Maltese ask that question.

Lethal Decision - Book Review

"This has to be one of the best detective novels I have read in some time - right up there with Lawrence Sanders! P.J.

ARTURO EL REY - Book Review

This large (about 378 pages), fantasy-adventure novel should give best promotion authors like Stephen King heavy competition. Awfully interwoven with essentials of King Arthur's realm, counting a a small amount Arthurian romance, Arturo el Rey will keep the booklover captivated.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - A Review

If copy was a religion, it shall be easy to deem 'Harry Potter and the half-blood prince' as the second to last blasphemy, an chief sacrilege. A book that discredits its own magnitude, it is a joke in the Queens' English that daringly illustrates the claim for its agonizing ineptitude.

Metaphorically Selling

The Big IdeaA lot of associates be concerned about promotion a very challenging task. Alas for them, selling is an action that forms part of everyone's daily routine.

A Lessons Book Review

Win-Win Partnerships - Be on the Most important Edge with Synergistic CoachingWin-Win Partnerships takes Schooling and Partnering to a new level. This book explores much more than employer/employee relationships.

Pastoral Theology: Basics of Bureau Book Review

Author: Thomas C. Oden Paperback: 384 pages Publisher: HarperSanFrancisco; 1st ed copy (May 1, 1983) Language: English ISBN: 0060663537Book Content:Introduction: What is Green Theology?I.

Headlong Into Quicksand: The Tale of Today in America

Americas 220 years of Democracy (of its 400 years) is longer than the Greek 100 (of 1000), the Roman 150 (of 1000), or the British 180 (of 1600.) These European democracies are the only large ones ever.

The Bible Code II: The Countdown, by Michael Drosnin

Sir Isaac Newton knew about the Bible code 300 hundred years ago when he described it as "a secret language set by the Almighty?.The enigma of the God-head, the enigma of past and coming actions exquisitely fore-ordained.

The Isaiah Effect, by Greg Braden

Why do some prayers seem to be answered while others not? "The clandestine of prayer lies clear of the words of praise, the incantations, and the cadenced chants to the `powers that be."We are only using a small part of the "equation" of prayer and those fundamentals that we are gone astray are emotion, thought, and feeling; it is these essentials that when by the book aligned are the formula for creation.

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