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Why do some prayers seem to be answered while others not? "The cloak-and-dagger of prayer lies clear of the words of praise, the incantations, and the metrical chants to the `powers that be. "

We are only using a small part of the "equation" of prayer and those rudiments that we are absent are emotion, thought, and feeling; it is these rudiments that when by the book aligned are the formula for creation.

In the 4th century, the Nicean Board disqualified twenty-two antique writings from the Biblical canon as they both felt that they were redundant, or that the writings be supposed to be preserved for scholars or the mystery schools, thus the discipline of prayer has been lost to the Western world for 2500 years. The first part of the book discusses the a number of prophecies foretold by the North American Hopi, the Maya, Nostradamus, and Isaiah, as well as prophets like Edgar Cayce, who forecast ruin and cataclysm of the earth in the days of the prophecies, which is Now. Braden sites quite a few cases of miracles over the years that altered the avenue of dealings and may be the consequence of group prayer or mass consciousness. If the prophecies are fulfilled, we are on an inevitable path to destruction, and Braden feels we may be able to back this path if we use the art of prayer as a collective consciousness, to desire a atypical future.

Braden pulls as one hard science, theories, and earth events, to assistance his viewpoint for the need for mass consciousness and prayer, and I feel that this book is singularly headed in one direction, that is the call for achievement to adjust the determined path that we are presently on.

It is belief that the imbalances forced upon the earth are mirrored as situation contained by our bodies like diseases such as cancer, and equally the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are mirrors of a great alter in the human consciousness. Braden discusses the mirror assumption of quantum physics and suggests that if different realities exist simultaneously, prayer is the cloak-and-dagger key allowing us to decide the realism that we want to experience. It is our belief and feeling, every moment, which determines the actuality that we experience, every so often consciously and every now and then unconsciously.

This book reminds me of James Redfield's, The Celestine Prophecy, where much the same idea of mass consciousness and prayer was introduced in a fictional adventure.

To compliment Gregg Braden's examination I would advise analysis You'll See It When You Have faith in It, Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Cindy DeJager is a essayist and book assessor for Rosetta Stone Press, publisher of The Many Waters, by Lauretta Lueck. http://www. RosettaStonePress. com


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