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"I enjoyed conception this book. The typeset were portrayed very well. Jack, a multimillionaire who experiences mid-life crisis and ends up decision consequence to his life - but it costs him millions of dollars and emotional pain. Adele is a heavy-drinking, free-living, multimillionaire with an independent mind and a sense of humor. Wendy, a definite mother who finds the love of her life. Mixed up educators playing with their students' lives in their capture and the retiring professor who resists this plot has a big secret. A married advisor carries on an business with a different man and when he is discovered, he thinks his world has ended.

I would say this fiction is a light comedy that is quite entertaining and has some romance rudiments as well. Author Robert Mercer-Nairne brings concentration to conventional human frailties with a sense of fun. He evidently reveals the desire to 'get rich quick' in North American Society. Members of this circle tend to hear what we WANT to hear and perceive the greener grazing land out there everyplace - rather than in the here and now.

Readers are shown the imprudence of subsequent others blindly and the jeopardy of where our greed can take us. Innocents can have their life binding misused by a celebrity else's aspiration to climb a corporate or collective ladder. The benefit of spiritual leaders to help broken up the typescript in this novel, ration them learn to forgive themselves and move on in life is used at numerous points in the story.

I advocate this book for everybody looking for a light, entertaining read. "

ISBN#: 0974814105
Publisher: Gritpoul, Inc
Author: Robert Mercer-Nairne

~ Lillian Brummet - Book Assessor - Co-author of the book Trash Talk, a guide for everybody anxious about his or her bearing on the atmosphere ­ Creator of Towards Understanding, a album of poetry.
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