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What Color is Your Parachute?
Reviewed by: Matt Keegan
2003, Matthew C. Keegan, LLC

Finding a job today presents exceptional challenges that did not exist five years ago. That is why Richard Nelson Bolles' celebrated job hunter's bible, " What Color is Your Parachute?" is so relevant. Attractive into consequence the bang of the terrorist attacks of September 21, 2001, the consequent NASDAQ meltdown, and the globalization of the world's economy, Bolles' guide encourages the booklover to instigate time weathered as well as new strategies in judgment carrying great weight employment.

With a caption of, "A Convenient Guide for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers", Parachute emphasizes the inevitability of conclusion one's "mission" in life in order to achieve carrying great weight employment. Not to be comfort with austerely depiction a paycheck, Bolles encourages the booklover to bare those areas of own advantage that can be translated into a satisfying as well as applicable career. For example, if you have been a secretary and you also love to write about animals, maybe your appeal is to befall a contributor to character magazines instead.

Bolles lists a number of reasons why a job hunt might bring in a adjust in career. Some key apparatus to bear in mind when deciding a adjustment are:

∙ We made a bad alternative when we first chose our career, and now we've certain to set it right.

∙ We've been asked to do the work of three, and we feel stressed out, angry, exhausted, burnt out, and grumpy?

∙ We've certain we want to go into affair for ourselves.

∙ All we hunted in the past for a job was money, now we want a job that has meaning?

In addition, Bolles persuades the job hunter to not rely exclusively on old strategies for discovery work, i. e. , conveyance out rsums and ahead of you for a response, but to develop what he has dogged to be some of the more lucrative and down to business strategies including:

∙ Completely targeting those companies you ask to work for.

∙ Join a job hunter's group to share leads, collect and give encouragement, to fine tune your rsum and search, etc.

∙ Authority physically to make phone calls to companies [determine who has hiring ability and avoid the Human Assets branch as they exist only to broadcast you out!]

∙ When conveyance an e-mail rsum, admire it up with a hard copy and cover letter, followed by a call call the next week to the associate person.

Concerning job hunting methods, Parachute contains one notable surprise. In his very exhaustive do research Bolles reveals that the Internet, with all of its job exploration capabilities, may in reality endow with the least booming approach in discovery work. Too often, Bolles alledges, job seekers rely exclusively on job boards to post their rsum to and then they wait for their employer of array to call them about an open position. Unfortunately, according to Bolles, the internet alone only offers a 4% accomplishment rate in discovery a job when it is used as the fashionable job explore method.

Bolles also guides the booklover because of the administer of early a affair as a replacement for of operational for an employer; shares interviewing tips for smarties; lists the seven secrets of salary negotiation; and discloses the cloak-and-dagger of conclusion your dream job.

Bolles unaffected and gracious copy style has endeared himself to over seven million readers since the early publishing of Parachute in 1970. Revised annually, I advocate you read the hottest account of his book as it speaks to the contemporary character of the job market.

Finally, Bolles has a companion web site called the Job Hunter's Bible [http://www. jobhuntersbible. com]. The site contains a assortment of articles on paper by Bolles and other experts.

Overall, Parachute is an informative and even fun book to read. The person who reads may want to skip about the assorted chapters as an alternative of conception the book above-board all the way through as it is reads more like a guide, not a novel. Pooled together,the two income be supposed to go far in portion the job huntsman in his or her quest for their "dream job. "

Matt is the commissioner of the Aviation Employment Board at http://www. aviationemploymentboard. com


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