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I've reviewed a come to of eBooks recently, and none of themexcited me, but this one certainly did. If you've ever hadthe slightest aspiration to write a 'How To' book, I urge youto read 'Profit From The Biographer Classified You'.

It's worth pointing out right at the start that RogerParker does know what he's discussion about - he has written24 books that have been translated into 37 languages andthere are at present over 1. 6 million copies of his books inprint.

This book assumes that you offer some kind of professionalservice. Roger Parker argues that journalism a 'How To' bookis not an end in itself, but a means of positioningyourself as one of the most important experts in your field. AsRoger Parker shows, books possess "magical" powers -writing a book opens the doors to communication engagements,spinoff books, newsletters, columns, and hefty consultingfees.

I once knew a human capital knowledgeable in Australia and hewas very good at what he did. But he used to complainbitterly that there were ancestors with half his expertiseearning 20 times the quantity he was. Why? As they hadwritten a book!

If you've continually belief of journalism as a agonizing processthat requires a huge creative effort, you may be in for apleasant shock.

Roger Parker shows that most lucrative (i. e. top-selling)'How To' books are based on a formula - they are in print ina 'paint by numbers' fashion.

The most exciting part of this book for me is a techniquethat Roger Parker calls 'Painless Writing'.

He urges you to throw out of the dialogue box two very common(and unsuccessful) approaches to inscription a book: MarathonWriting ("Getting away from it all" and dipping all otheractivities while you work on your book) and Linear Writing(trying to write your book from first to last interval in anordered sequence).

Instead, he offers three approaches that will alteration theway you write and make it much easier and much more fun:

(1) Molecular copy - this is a way of 'chunking down'to the level of bite-sized pieces of information:"harvesting characteristic ideas, or nuggets of information,which you cautiously categorize and prioritize beforebeginning writing".

(2) Calculable advance inscription - "committing to write alittle each day, shop time into your daily schedule (asopposed to escaping to a cabin in the woods)".

(3) Non-sequential inscription - "jumping into your projectwherever you're comfortable, opening with the easiestideas, and shop your confidence point by point, idea byidea, where they arrive on the scene in your book".

Another part of this book that is basic comprehension ifyou're accepted wisdom of characters a book is Episode Four - '10Characteristics of Doing well Titles'. Did you know thatat least half of your book's hit will be gritty bythe title you choose?

Roger Parker shows you 10 key concepts that make thedifference among a title that sells well and one thatflops. (Here's a hint: the subsequent titles all use these10 key concepts: Chicken Soup For The Soul; Rich Dad, PoorDad; The Millionaire Next Door; The 7 Behavior of HighlyEffective People; Think and Grow Rich; How to Win Friendsand Change People).

The book also contains 4 work sheets (pages 99 to 120) thatguide you because of the characters of your book.

'Profit From The Creator Confidential You' set of explosions in myhead on effectively every page. In fact, it fired me up so muchthat I'm now using Roger Parker's techniques to write a bookthat I've been demanding to write for over 5 years. What morecan I say?

You can get your copy of 'Profit From The Dramatist Classified You'at: http://www. freezineweb. com/cgi-bin/pftaiy. cgi It has a 30day money back guarantee, so you exceedingly can't go wrong.

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