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Not just a shocking horror tale: the medical doctor by tess gerritsen - book-reviews


The Doctor grabbed me and kept me reading. The anticipation builds with every page. There are no dull moments, no holes in the plot. A run killer is on the loose in Boston. He enters women's bedroom windows at night, chloroforms them and takes away the very thing that makes them female. While his victim is awake, tied to her own bed with duct tape, he cuts her with a scalpel, removes her uterus and then slashes her throat. Death comes while the victim watches her own blood spray from her throat. This story is even more frightening than Silence of the Lambs for the reason that this killer tells the victim accurately how he will torture and then kill her. He draws death out over more than a few hours while the victim waits alert and in pain.

What sets this novel apart from other thrillers is Gerritsen's skill at bringing her typescript to life. This is not just a shocking horror tale. The book opens from the killer's point of view. The booklover understands his opinion and motives. The terror of a rape survivor, even years after her argue with is brilliantly printed into Dr. Catherine Cordell's character, the only victim that lived all through the surgeon's act of violence two years already this flow run of killings. Catharine is in effect powerless to function, crippled by terror after it becomes evident that the general practitioner has made the killings own and Catharine is his target. All the way through detectives Thomas Moore and Jane Rizzoli, the booklover develops an intimate accord of the minutiae of the Boston Slaughter Unit. The heat of Boston is a badge for the heat concerning Catherine and detective Moore.

I was pleasantly amazed by the very filling end of this fantastic murder thriller. I decidedly advocate it for anybody who loves a breathtaking read.

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