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Author Joseph Yakel presents his own blend of humor and melodrama in this fatherland boy comedy. Free as a light-hearted, fun adventure with a feel-good edge, Yakel said he was looking to amuse his consultation with a bit a diminutive different. "With Juggin Joe, I required to conceive a funny, but individual character, and his own inimitable 'hook', that would draw readers into his world. Hopefully, I've done that with this comedy adventure, and Joe and the rest of the gang will arrive at a good chord amid readers. "

Yakel describes "The Legend of Juggin Joe" as an over-the-top fictional humor story that takes place in and about the Town of Westerlo, NY, and centers about the life and times of a hillboy dubbed 'Juggin Joe', for his creepy musical abilities with the jug. Yakel said, "This book is a fatherland boy comedy/melodrama that I've in black and white in 'country speak', which makes the story that much more fun to read. It's a light-hearted, clean, fun adventure, apt for all audiences. "

Have you ever watched a land movie, and, in a good natured way, tried to copy the characters' accents and dialogue? Sure you have, and more than likely, you had manually a good laugh with the trying. Now then, have you ever read a book with such a dialogue? Almost certainly not, and further, you've liable never even seen such a book. Until now, that is. After you read 'The Legend of Juggin Joe', you'll be able to answer in a positive way that, not only have you fulfilled your desire to fill this heretofore literary void, but that you had a hysterically good time in doing so! Once the rhythm of the dialogue takes root in your mind, you'll in fact start belief and conversation like the characters! And that, my friends, is the key that unlocks your door to Joe's world!

As the story begins, you'll laugh at Joe's kingdom ways, and, perhaps, perceive him and the rest of the gang, only as 'bumpkins'. But, as the comedy-melodrama unfolds, you'll at once accomplish that there is more below the appear of that Westerlo earth than you had at the start suspected. As you wind your way all through the chapters, your laughter will progressively shift from being aimed at Joe, and by hook or by crook befit laughter joint with Joe! By the time you achieve that this crafty transformation has occurred, the hook has by now been set! All the while, the secrets to unlocking Joe's full capability in the world are at a snail's pace revealed.

It's easy to classify with Joe. You'll root him on, share his joy, and feel his pain, as he weathers the storms of life. By the time the book ends, you'll have gained a newfound accept and admiration for Joe, his good-natured antics, and for his distinctly clean perspective of life. Cleanly put, Juggin Joe transforms those about him, and brings calculate to the world - it's what he does.

If the grind of everyday life and work is putting you to sleep, worry your awkward heart no more. A remedy is now at hand. Good humor is a athletic antidote to the 'environmental lethargy' weighing you down. So, go ahead and read, "The Legend of Juggin Joe", and count by hand among those who have awaked!

"The Legend of Juggin Joe" * ISBN 1-4116-2588-9 * Pub date: March 2005 * $9. 00 paperback * 123 pages *

About the Author:
Among his credits, Joseph Yakel has three books. He describes "The Legend of Juggin Joe" (March 2005) as a 'country boy comedy/melodrama' delivered with a characters style he dubs 'unconventional'. Joe categorizes his two other works as 'slightly more serious' descendants books. The Signature Memories of Mary Yakel (December 2004) is a 19th century memoir, and The JACKEL, JECKEL, JAECKEL, IEKEL, YAKEL Category Chronicle Book (March 2005) is a children chronology, tracing 350 years of his Rheinish ancestry. First in print in 1998, Joe's articles have appeared in publications such as Data lines Technology, The Pipeline, and Army Coolness Magazine.

His articles have also been highlighted on USAWOA Online, USAR Online, and other Internet websites. Previews of his books can be viewed at http://www. lulu. com/yakel


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