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Rusty Miles never had a real identity. I was that "Little Miles" kid, youngest of "The three Rs," Rita, Robert, and Russell. My parents were to some extent older than those of most of my friend's.

When we moved to Izee, I wondered why Dad wouldn't play baseball, like the other men in the cataloguing camp. While other dads got at once at the ball field, drank beer, played, and had lots of fun, my minister would go off fishing, by himself.

Oh, I could go along with him, if I required too. But, Dad didn't consider in conversation much as it "Scares away the trout. " Anyway, it was more exciting to watch the younger men play baseball, after they got off work, and get into fights. A big shot would cuss about being called: "Out!" The next thing you know, there would be fists airborne everywhere.

Sometimes, their wives would get into it, too. Women are dirty fighters. They scratch, and pull hair. Maybe, even kick you someplace. That's why Mom said we didn't want to go. She went only one time. Just when the fighting and cussing got real good, Mom said: "Rusty, I'm glad your vicar isn't here to see this. We're going home! These associates are just, plain, stupid. They drink up every dime they earn, and they don't even have a pot to piss in!"

My Mom was right. While we Miles had interior plumbing, most of our neighbors still used outhouses. "We are not going to learn to talk like this, Rusty. These associates be supposed to wash their mouths out with soap, but they in all probability don't even have any. If they do, they sure never use it!"

There was never conflict in our house. We had beat sense than to fight among ourselves. We were a family. Mom saw to it.

"People in families stick up for one another. They defend each other and do what's right. " As Look after often said, "Anyone, with a lick of good sense, be supposed to know that. "

A onlooker but once, Mom didn't like me to go to watch the baseball since of all of the fighting. I'd tell her, "It doesn't crop up much, anymore. All of my associates get to go!" Protect would sigh, sit down with Agatha Christi, tell me to "Be back already dark, and you walk home!" I was not to ride in a car with associates who had been drinking, even if the driver's own brood did. It was a long walk home, from the ball field to the cookhouse, where we lived.

IZEE by Russ Miles © 2004

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